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Project Description
Xna game where you match colored pairs of blocks and collect points.


2.0 Alpha released. The game is completely playable. Features may be added but for the most part looking for bug fixes.

6/11/2010: SVN Source
If you're downloading the SVN source and compiling, you'll need to copy the "Resources" folder to the output directory for the binary to work correctly.

Roadmap to 2.0
  1. Rewrite of the game to be more event driven and WinForms based.
  2. Remove dependency on the Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.dll.
  3. Fix known bugs.
  4. Sound?

8/11/2008: v1.01
A small bug was discovered when high score names were left blank. If you are affected by this, delete your highscores.xml found in your Documents/SavedGames/SameGame folder.

8/11/2008: v1.0
Version 1.0 has been released. I've implemented all the features I mentioned before and more. I'll try and get an installer in the near future but for now there is only the zipped binary and the source code.

I've implemented animation and menus. I'm not going to make another release yet though.

7/23/2008: Roadmap to 1.0
The following are a list of features that I am working on and plan on implementing before version 1.0.
  1. Code cleanup and modularization. I'm already working on this now but the current release feels more like a hack than a good Xna app.
  2. Menus. Instead oh holding using N for a new game and H to see the high score, there should be a menu.
  3. Animation. The game is quite boring visually right now. There should be some animation in the game.

7/17/2008: Version 0.6 Released
High scores now have a name. If you are updating you have to delete your old highscore.dat otherwise the program will fail to load.

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